Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Money for School

I attended the Collin County Foundation Scholarship Awards Ceremony this evening. I was prepared for a boring, yadda, yadda, yadda hoopla.
I was wrong. Happily so.
I received a foundation scholarship for the Fall and the Spring for my nursing school tuition. It isn't a huge sum, but free money is free money. The fun thing was checking on my bill for my tuition and finding that I had a $43 amount owed to me for books. Rock on.

One semester paid for, three to go.

The ceremony itself was really well run and very interesting. The officials from the school did an excellent job in keeping the speeches succinct and yet interesting. No one nodded off, not even the donors!

The one thing that showed through: the enthusiasm for education.
A nursing program graduate spoke about her experience at the school. She is a living illustration of what an education, at any level, can do for your self esteem, your future and the future of your children. She also had been a recipient of several of the grants and aid programs Collin County offers. And it paid off. She and her husband, who had just returned from Iraq, were now able to send their kids to school.
What a difference.
Truly, knowledge is power.
An education is the one strength everyone has the ability to possess. With the programs that are available, you can still get it done.

Education is worth every penny because the price of ignorance is astronomical.