Thursday, September 27, 2007

Buying or not, that is the Question

And this is a question I really don't have an answer to.

Yes, the mortgage fiasco that has befallen the industry, does take a toll. I have just resigned myself to not really knowing if I will close and/or get funded until they tell me to show up and sign.
Heavy sigh....

I have stopped worrying about it, for there is nothing I can do. I have done all the things I can and covered all the questions. If I am supposed to go thru with this, it will happen. This is the only attitude I can take.

Who knows....
I certainly don't.

Missing the Sweat

Busy, busy!! I really am missing my workouts! Although I make up for them in other ways, I miss going to my martial arts class and sweating with my workout buddies. You just can't replace the group workout thing. If if you don't really socialize a lot with those you work out with, the shared energy of the workout is well worth it.

I missed all of it this week due to school or work. I am hoping to get a grip on things here shortly. Lots of class work!

A New Nursing Diagnosis

I have come up with a new nursing diagnosis :
PSP Syndrome
Piece of Shit Parent Syndrome

Several of the kids I have seen so far suffer horribly from this disorder. It is no wonder to me how beautiful, perfectly healthy babies can grow up to be such an integral part of our welfare, criminal legal system and impoverished sect of society.

Sometimes, this is all you know.

Until we make progress on either people being better parents or not having the kid in the first place, our nation is doomed.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

It is Improving

Well, this week is better. My car is still parked, and will be till I close on the Condo. Yes, the deal is back on. "OH, we just forgot to send over the signed addendum, so sorry..." Once they knew we would cancel, things got done.
So I am still buying a condo. Yeah!

I get to pick up my bike tomorrow, thankfully! It will be so nice to ride again. Things are on the upswing.

Clinicals went well too. No one tried to stop breathing! I really like Children's and could see me working there. I really like the little patients, even the ones that look at you like you are the monster from under the bed. Those little ones usually have been through the wringer and you kinda are the monster under the bed.

So far, this is my favorite. Children's is a great environment too. We will see!

Monday, September 17, 2007

A Really Bad Week - Is it Over?

Let's recap last week:
  • Wrecked car on Tuesday - car is now parked
  • Inspection on condo found AC not working downstairs and dishwasher not working
  • Bike STILL in the shop for airfilter that is MIA
  • Pt tried to stop breathing on Wednesday
  • Couldn't find boyfriend's car in parking garage Wednesday after work
  • Took Pharmacology test Thursday AM: told test was open book and all my references are on my PDA. Get to test and find that "no electronic devices" as of that morning 8:30 am
  • Passed test anyway, just barely
  • Friday still no bike, signed addendum to have seller fix condo stuff
  • Saturday: work at Baylor, 20 kids, damage control, could not possibly finish all Patients
  • Sunday OK, till I got home and Realtor called and said we had to cancel the pending purchase of my condo b/c seller did not sign to fix AC and dishwasher

Is the week from hell over yet??!!??

Friday, September 14, 2007

The Brutatlity of 0430

Everyone who knows me, knows I am NOT a morning person. Unless, of course, you just are still up from the night before.

I have had two weeks now of 0430 to get ready for clinicals on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.

It is brutal, utterly brutal. Once I finsih with working Wednesday afternoon, I am destroyed. I am usually in bed before the 9 leaves the clock. For me, that is unheard of.

Just thought I would give ya'll an update on how "before butt crack in the morning" was going.

It is brutal.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Maturity - ?

Throughout our young lives we constantly hear things like, "you will have to grow up" or "take care of your responsibilities."
Really, what exactly does this mean?

First of all, why grow up, totally, in all aspects of your psyche? I love being able to be a huge kid and go hell bent for leather into the unknown.
I also love being an adult and paying my bills, and having an adult life that offers so many choices. I guess I like balancing those two. Growing up does have its advantages but keeping my kid parts makes adulthood more fun.

As far as taking care of my responsibilities, I am doing that too. However, I think maturity is a lot about facing your day-to-day reality. You can't just ignore things and think, "I will deal with that later," or "if I wait long enough maybe it will go away."
It does not go away or get better, but instead, only worse.

Although I will take care of my mom for however long and to whatever end, I have days where I want to be 4 again and say, "you can't make me!!" and run screaming from the DFW metroplex. In looking back, if I had not turned around and faced that whole situation, it would have been so much worse.

Thus, is "growing up" or "being mature" about acting a different way or loosing your kiddo sense of fun? I don't think so. Actually, my child's sense of adventure is what keeps me sane especially dealing with my mom. (How else do you laugh at Baking Shoes??) The maturity and the brutal honesty with myself is what allows me to remain "one" with the kid parts.

Yes, brutal honesty. It is hardest to be honest with one's self. I think this is the greatest challenge in maturity. For if you are not honest with yourself, you will never be honest with anyone else. Even if you think you are or you think you want to be.

Opinion Poll

For those of you who read who are also associated with the martial arts I have a question:

As a fund raiser, what about a calendar of "Women and Weapons 2008" ?
We could have photos done with women and their favorite weapon (tasteful photos!) either in kata or kumite and make a calendar to sell instead of T-shirts.

I thought I would get an opinion poll before actually presenting the idea further.

Or maybe a slightly scandalous calendar would be more fun??

What do ya'll think?

Friday, September 07, 2007

Mean People Suck!

In light of the nicer weather, I took the opportunity to ride my motorcycle to work instead of taking the train. I had to go take a test as well, and the time on the train just wouldn't do.

So I parked my bike, on campus at UTSW in the visitor lot.

When I cam out to leave, I hopped on and took off. Setting at the red light, I looked down and, holy crap, my frame sliders were no longer where they belonged!! One was gone and the other was barely on and the rod attaching them was almost dislodged out from the right side of my bike!

Who is so determined to steal frame sliders off my bike??!!

Who ever it was really had to work at it as they are not installed lightly, they are screwed on tight.
I limped home, and later called the European Cycle Sport to bring it in. There was much profanity directed at the thief!

Anyway, I am safe and the guys at the shop are, as usual, taking excellent care of my bike. Such great service!!

I must say I was surprised at this attempted theft. Ok half completed theft.
I can't wait to have my Moose back!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Baking Shoes

I just thought I would pass along info to everyone out there: Baking shoes does not seem to increase their wear-ability.

I got a call from my mom today:

"Lisa, is this Lisa?"
I thought who else would answer my phone....?
"Hey Mom, how ya doin'?"
"Were are you? Are you at work today?"
"Yes, mom, I'm at work, it's Wednesday afternoon."

"Oh, OK, well, I'm fine, I need new shoes! I know I have been talking about new shoes, but I need some now. You know how you can't tell if the grass has water or not? Well it had lots of water and I stepped off into it and my shoes got real wet. So I tried to dry them. I put them in the know that thing to get hot and dry."
"So you put them in the clothes dryer?" I offered.
"No, well, I shoulda I guess, but no, that thing that's in the kitchen."
(Oh shit...)
"Mom, do you mean the oven? You cook food in the oven."
"Yes, that's it. I put them in the oven. Well, they didn't do so good in there."
( No kidding...)
"They hurt now when I try to wear them, so I need new ones."
"OK, mom, that was not the best thing to do. Shoes don't go in the oven."
"(Laughing) Well, I knew that, I don't know what I was thinking..."
"OK, well, it will have to wait till this weekend, because I work all week and Saturday."
"You work the rest of the week? I didn't know that."

Word to the wise, shoes and oven don't mix. It seems to lower the functionality of the shoes.
All I can do is laugh, because the crying would be too exhausting...

Housing Update

I currently have a signed contract on a condo. I am hopefully that all will go well. I already had the loan pre-approved, so maybe I have a chance at all going well.
It would be nice to have my stuff out of storage and be able to cook lots again!

The prospective closing date is Oct 1st. This is after my first big test of the semester and hopefully will be a little calmer.

Wish me luck! It is in a development I have always liked and that has remained very constant in condition. I would have some things to update, but I can do most of it over time. The downstairs carpet, though, has to go if it becomes mine.

It will serve its purpose just perfectly!!
I will keep you posted!

First Kiddo Procedure

Today was my first day handling kiddos. I really, really liked it so far. The very first thing I got to do was remove an IV from an adorable 10 month old boy. It is so great he was feeling better and more active! But, wow, getting the 10 month old to sit still long enough for me to undo the tape, peel off the tegaderm, and then occlude the vein after removing the IV...whew!

He was a great little patient playing games with me and examining my stethoscope and name badges. So cute!

On a less fun note, I had to help restrain a child for upper respiratory suctioning today. He did not like us!! I don't blame him one bit. Also, 10 months old, he was very vocal about his dissatisfaction with our procedure! Afterward, though, Mommy and Daddy were able to make it all better. And he could breath....
Breathing is important!!

I am interested to see how the semester plays out. Peds is still on the list.