Monday, May 03, 2010


This past weekend we went for a nice long ride with another couple who are also motorcyclists. The weather was ideal, the company superb.

I found myself laughing on numerous accounts at how much you can communicate with a helmet on, the sound of motorcycle engines and, in my case, earplugs. I was reminded about the communication signals used while diving...

At any rate, here is a synopsis:
-pointing at the tank = "I need gas"
-fingers and hand drawn across your throat = "It's dead"
-open hands thrown to the side = "What is wrong? It won't ____"
-Open hand to the front of your full face helmet = "Blowing you a kiss."

It was fabulous riding and great laughs!
Life is good...

The Pendulum Swings Back...

My friend KP mentioned something that I feel I have to comment on. She said she thinks the era of convenience is on its way out.
I think she is on to something.
We have found, as a society, that fast and easy is not always good. It, actually, is seldom good.

Fast food has given us record obesity and a shorter lifespan for our children.

Paying someone else to raise our children has proven to be a bad choice as well. More and more couples are deciding one of the parents needs to stay home.

I think society is finally figuring out that quality needs to trump quantity-or fast-or easy.