Monday, December 20, 2010

Last Minute!!

I am finishing the shopping I need to do Wednesday. Nothing like waiting till the last minute, eh?

It is just a few little things, and it will be fun! Well, as fun as shopping can bed since I really dislike it to begin with. I do plan to take advantage of the after Christmas sales and at least look around.

The greatest gifts are still the simplest:


the things that cannot be bought but only gifted. These are the best gifts.
Happy Holidays.

The First Christmas Without Mom

My mom passed away Sept., 22 as many of you know. This is the first holiday season without her. I am sure it will hit home a little later, but at this time, I just know she is enjoying all the lights and spirit from another perspective.

With her Alzheimer's she, and I mean "her", who she is/was - well, she was gone a long time. The season will be less painful with respect to watching her not be able to follow our family conversation and the sadness and confusion in her eyes of knowing she doesn't know but not really knowing what it is she is not following.

Wierd, I know...

We all miss her, but she is in a better place.