Sunday, March 28, 2010

Dog vs Armadillo

We were at the farm this weekend in Oklahoma. John's family has farmed for generations and we were out walking some of the land that borders the river. Kate was of course along for the weekend and she needed some exercise to more relaxed while in doors.

Lots of romping through the shrubs flushed an armadillo. A real live, not-run-over armadillo.
The chase was on!!

Kate chased the armadillo into a burrow and by this time we were all in pursuit as well. As Kate lost interest in the armadillo's boring burrow, she walked away when to everyone's surprise the armadillo came back out!

The chase was on again and with some barking this time.
It was fine entertainment!!
Armadillo vs Kate = DRAW!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cutting health care costs

If you want an excellent example of why our health care is so expensive, please watch the youtube video below.

As crazy as this link is, it is completely true.

Reducing health care costs could start in a few simple places:

1-No family member (nor anyone for that matter) should have the ability to revoke a DNR. The only person who should be able to revoke a DNR is the person who make the decision in the first place. We see this all the time: The 91 year old person who has been a DNR for a few years, goes unresponsive (hello...he is dying...!) and the family says, "Oh no, do everything you can!!" When the patient wanted to let nature take its course....So we tube him, put him on gobs of expensive meds, so we can prolong his death until his family deals with their unfinished emotional business.

2-Allow doctors to be doctors. Many end of life decisions should be removed from the control of the family. I know that is a sore subject, but it is true.

3- Change in attitudes: Health care is so expensive because our culture believes it should be a 5-star hotel. People have the attitude that they should get what the want, all of what they want, all the time. The attitude of "You owe me," must change. An attitude currently rampant in many other areas of our culture.

4- Protect doctors. Someone died, because they were very, very sick, yet it has to be someone's fault. This is crap. Bad things happen but it is not always someone's fault. Yes, when health professionals make egregious errors (read cut off the wrong leg), these errors must be dealt with, and yes, some people should lose a license over it. Sometimes it just goes badly and no one made a huge error.
We have to get away from the attitude that every bad thing is someone's fault.
It's not. We also have to end stupid, ludicrous lawsuits.

The changes that need to happen to make health care more financially agreeable will mean less of what everyone refers to now as "customer service." It will be less control for the patient and the patient's family. It's a hospital, we are trying to save lives. Quality of life has to be a major factor in the equation, not unfinished emotional business or worse yet, no one wants to let him die because he is worth a lot of money - this last thing sickens me.

In the words of one of my fellow nurses:

"I can't prolong your life, but I can prolong your death."

True in ways you would be frightened to see....

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Kate Update

Kate is settling in nicely. She is calming down, her separation anxiety becoming less and less an issue. Her obedience training is coming alone. Sit, Stay, and Down are starting to be executed readily, although she is a bit stubborn.

Exercise is required, as she is a high energy dog. When walked and exercised, she is wonderful.

Yeah! New doggy!


Thieves suck!!!

Last week my iphone was stolen at the gym. Sadly, I am now well versed on all the software and options for protecting your data and inactivating your phone.
This sucks!!

My whole life was on that phone. Now, I am trying to wait for my upgrade option time, (2 months) and decide if I want to purchase the MobileMe option that lets you remotely wipe the phone.

So frustrating!!