Thursday, April 23, 2009

Annual Driving Trip

Below are some pictures of the driving trip so far!

This is a few of the early bloomers.
So pretty from something so prickly!
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I fell in love with the Saguaro Catus. I found them interesting in their own right as well as beautiful. All of the vegetation's ability to survive in such a harsh climate was really impressive. We were a little early for the cactus blooms that happen every year. We did catch a few early bloomers.
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View from Saguaro National Park

This is a vista from Saguaro National Park. We are on our annual driving holiday. This year the destination is the Grand Canyon. We have several other things to see along the way. So far the weather has been fabulous, and the radar detector usefull!
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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

almost done

I have my sink installed. I got the deeper one, as you really need the room if you cook lots.

Here is a view of painted and new hardware. I have one section of counter top to mount.

New dishwasher! The original was older than the house, I think!!
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This is a view of the oak counter tops. I thought oak butcher block would be more in keeping with the vintage nature of the 1962 house. I love my little house with its old quirks! It has kept me busy, happily so!
The back splash will be the same vintage copper tile. I think I have it located at Elliot's.
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During part 2

For those of you who have witnessed my will know this is NOT overkill!! Sadly, the paint sprayer was a big giant waste of time and I just painted it all by hand. I got better at the painting as it went on. By the end I hardly got paint anywhere it was not supposed to be.

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These were during the whole deal. I was going to do the dishwasher myself, but once pulled out, realized it would require a blowtorch and I had it installed.

The before pictures...

Here are the before pics... The cabinets are in good shape, but that counter top has to go!!
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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

A movie to watch

I recently watched a very thought provoking movie, The Beautiful Truth. It is an independent film about the benefits of a fresh, veggie filled diet in treating disease. It centers around the teachings of Dr. Max Gerson, who practiced in the 1920's. It is very controversial, but brings to light very interesting points about our diet.

The other interesting points are in regard to the American Cancer society and the FDA. It is a worth while watch for anyone, especially those interested in health.

You are what you eat.

Kitchen Remodel...

The kitchen was one of two areas of the house that needed overhauling. I started the kitchen this week. I have not gotten as far as I wanted, but pics are to follow once I locate the camera again. the kitchen is in plastic and I pain today. Everything is sanded, the oven is the only thing other than cabinets that remains and it is draped for painting. Some of you know how, well, awful I am at painting, wish me luck! Especially since I borrowed the BF's paint sprayer....
Look out! I hopefully will paint things needing painting and not just everything else.
Now where is that camera??