Saturday, October 29, 2005

Tournament Day.

Today our martial arts organization had its annual tournament. It is always a small, ‘family’ tournament. So it is a good experience the whole way around for everyone. I and my fellow judges were responsible for judging the 9-11 year old division. They are all divided up into rank divisions.

I have never liked judging whether it be kata or kumite. I just feel as though I am not very good at it. It takes a quick eye and lots of attention when things get too fast. Also, it is really foreign to me. We don’t spar for points in our school, we more free spar until someone says stop. So, I don’t feel like I have the experience to judge the whole competition.

Even though judging is not my favorite thing, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I don’t want to do it again anytime soon, but it wasn’t horrible. It was generally a good experience.

Fortunately, most parents take the tournament just as they should; fun with just an edge of competition. Thankfully.

Similarities in Strange Places

The only real difference in riding horses and practicing martial arts is the big horse that is in one of them. The balance, the rhythm, posture, balance, the ‘now-ness’—all of it is the same. With the horses, it is all about feel and knowing what it is when it is *right.* Martial Arts is the same; only the feel and knowing what it is to feel that place, the place where it all seems to go slowly and smoothly and yet it is all still happening at full speed. It is amazing how such different things can have such core foundation things be the same. But they are not so different:

Martial Arts
Equestrian Arts

Both an art.
Both require the same things to be successful and to progress.
Perseverance, training, excellent instruction and the willingness to endure pain.

A thought...Or Five

See Life
Touch Life
Smell Life
Feel Life
Live Life

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Autos, so many choices!

My loyal readership will know this already, I love Minis. but I don't know if I'm gonna get one. I am still in a fog of indecision on what car to buy...

It won't be new, has to be fairly affordable, a standard, reliable and interesting. It needs to be paid off by fall 2006--the whole nursing school thing. No bills in school!

So what to get?

Here's a short list:
Mini S
Classic Mustang

Lotus Elise...OK that one has to wait.....
But they are soooo cool!

Any other suggestions??

So, I see test drives in my future.
I will keep you posted!

Nursing School…..

Well, I applied and did not get in. This is such a load off!! Being recently on my own, I was somewhat concerned about how things would work out for my starting school full time in January.

But things happen for a reason.
Life has a way of putting you where you’re wanted.
So persuasive Life is…

The stats:
247 applicants.
100 Spots.
Lowest admitting GPA: 4.0
Dallas County Community College admits to its ADN nursing program based on numbers alone. So my having a degree in Molecular Biology, publications, and 11 years academic research along with managing a lab made no matter.

Just numbers.

This is really so much better. I believe this is how the powers that be are telling me to take a break. I will make great use of the time to get more of my ducks in a row.


As for my next application plans?
I will apply to Collin County and Brookhaven this fall. These are both closer and cheaper I just wasn’t able to apply this time around to them.

Wish me luck in the fall!

Monday, October 10, 2005

Difference in Learning and Teaching by Gender

I was paid a very meaningful complement by two of my Kobudo (Weapons Class) students. I hold a first degree black belt in Kobudo, Japanese Weapons, and I most often assist in teaching as do the other Shodans.

Two of my female students told me after class that they liked getting me as an instructor because they felt like my explanations and style sunk in more. They explained that as a woman, they felt like they got more information in a format they could understand. Obviously, I was touched beyond words.

But it is an important point, men and women learn so differently. Especially in something so "male" as martial arts. Usually the arts are associated with 'strong', 'tough' and 'power', adjectives that women often aren't very familiar with in a physical nature.

Yet, women still have an advantage in weapons training. Since we can't muscle the weapon, we have no choice but to use technique, finesse and correctness to get the job done. We must use the assets we have; strong muscles is not on the list.

It's OK if some things are 'off the list'.....

So, the arts as well as learning them or anything else, is so different between the genders. So interesting to see how our biology precludes our seeing and perceiving the world.

What is Meant to Be Will Come to Pass

These words have come to mean more and more to me as time goes on.

Simple Example: As I have already blogged, my friend's wedding was this past weekend. I was really stressed because the test I was supposed to have taken in my Anatomy class was postponed till today, Monday. Of course the Lecture exam was supposed to be this Wednesday, the 12th. Yikes!! Two major tests in one week folowing the wedding!! I was really stressing. Obviously NO studying was going on this weekend.
However, last week, the lecture exam got moved to this weekend.
So, I stressed for nothing.
Things work out like they are supposed to. Even if it doesn't seem possible for any resolution, or there seems to be so many obstacles in the way, I have come to have faith that the right path, the right choices will become evident. It might not always be easy or fun, but what will be, will be.
You just have to see where you want to be and go in that direction, regardless. If you are to be there, you will come to exist there. My whole life seems to have worked out in this fashion, regardless of my initial thoughts.

Where ever you go, there you are.

My New Camera!

I just bought a Canon DS 400. I love it! Of course it did not arrive in time for the Allsop Wedding but I'll get pics from someone else. It is a great camera! Watch for pics of my mom's 71st birthday...I took her horseback riding again.

The Wedding Finally Happened!!

One of my dearest friends finally got married- after a 7 year date-a-than. I admire those people who take their time, marriage is an enormous undertaking and commitment that is rivaled only by parenting.

The Wedding was outside at Swan Court. The order for perfect weather was fulfilled in spades and Mother Nature smiled on us the whole day.

The Friday itinerary?
  • Breakfast at Cindy's
  • On to the Hair salon (How many bobby pins does it take to do an updo of thick, all-one-length long hair??? 77)
  • Quick errand for the bride and another of the bridesmaids
  • On to the Mother of the Bride's house for makeup.
  • Another quick outing for the bride and me!
  • On to Swan Court to check out the decorations and finish dressing ourselves and the bride.
  • Calming the bride down and stemming tears before any real damage is done to the perfect makeup
  • Get you bouquet!!
  • Music!
  • Trying to smile, walk in grass without sinking my heels and get down the aisle without falling or rushing
  • Watch Christy walk over the bridge in the perfect Bridal march moment.

And of course, try not to sob as her husband-to-be cries as he reads his vows to her.

All so beautiful. Can't wait to see the pictures. Allison Arts Photography have done such a marvelous job! Go see the teaser pictures!! They are great to work with!