Monday, June 23, 2008

Shift Two on the Neuro-ICU Floor

In a nut shell:
  • Busy as hell
  • People ventilated
  • More drugs than you ever imagined
  • Keeping some people alive who should be happily dying at home
I know it's blunt and I know it is painful beyond words, but if I get to be 90+ and am in the ICU, will some one please unplug me.

'Cause I will be done by then.

What You Never Think About Missing

I am sure that all of us, at one time or another, have thought about what it will be like when our parents age and, inevitably, when they are no longer with us. I know I have.

What I did not think about was how it would be if my mom was here...but not. I never thought about what it would be like for her to be here, her body, her form, and yet she not be the same individual.
This is currently the case. The person who raised me is no longer present, only someone who looks like her and has some of her memories, although less and less with each passing day.

What I never thought about missing...
I miss having parents.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

What Your Gut Tells you

After two weeks of ICU related classes, I have come to the conclusion that your nursing skills are indeed important, but what really is a necessity to the nurse is intuition. I have been told story after story of how that inner voice made the difference.

Learning to trust the inner voice is what separates nurses from the great nurses, as so I have been told. Another attribute required is a mouth and the comfort using it. Check, I think I have that one already. I'd rather be wrong and learn something and have my patient be OK than to be right, keep my mouth shut out of fear, and have someone's health decline or worse. Fear is so debilitating, but I diverge...

Trusting that "feeling" and developing that ability to listen from within when all hell is breaking loose is as essential as mastering the skills I have to learn not to mention the labs, assessment and the personalities of the Docs. In the last couple years I have had severe lessons in learning to deal with people, especially people who present one persona and yet are something completely different. Hopefully, this past experience will help with dealing with all the people I have to deal with. My hope is that all my martial arts will help me listen "on the inside" as well as keep it together when the fecal material hits the rotary machine.

I'll keep you posted on how things go. Now that I have a license, I want to keep it.

The Wait is Over!

It's official!!

There is an RN behind my name!!!


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Please Excuse my Nausea!

This morning I took my NCLEX; or my state board exam for my Registered Nurse license.
I am so glad that is over!!

The test is a computer adaptive test, meaning it gets harder as you answer questions correctly. The minimum number is 75 and the maximum number is 265. My test stopped at 75 and my questions became really difficult. I hope this is a good sign. I will know for sure if I have an RN after my name or if I did really poorly by Monday.

Wish me luck, I have wanted to hurl all morning!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Two Weeks Down

I just finished my second week at my new job and am having lots of fun! I have started the ICU specific classes as of Friday.
The difference when your instruction comes from someone doing what they are teaching is incredible. The instructors have great stories to help your brain hang the information on. Everything is interesting and memorable. Obviously there is the thought of needing this one day to keep someone from dying. I guess that is incentive as well!

My first time of 3-12s in a row is this next weekend; Saturday, Sunday, Monday. I am looking forward to being on the floor!

Saturday, June 07, 2008


I have acquired my next bike; a 2003 Ducati Monster 800. I am in love. It is, drum roll please, SHORTER than my last bike by about 3 inches (who would have thought three inches would be so amazing...but I diverge), it is my favorite motorcycle color, bright bumble bee yellow, and it is so well balanced it is a breeze to ride! I am already trying to throw it through corners. It had very low miles on it as well. I took it at the shop for a 6K mile tune up and to take it apart to look it over in detail. The sale "vet-check" had already went well. There are a few things I want to change, but overall, I am thrilled. I got a nice lesson in motorcycle maintenance and repair today when I went up to the shop to see how things were doing. Very cool!
Things I want to personalize:
  • Clutch slave cylinder
  • Handle bar risers
  • New tail light package
  • New grips (Done already - thanks Johnathon!)
  • Find a manual
I cannot wait to take it to the track!!