Saturday, December 31, 2005

And Now For the Rest of the Story…

By popular demand, I will expound on a prior blog. In regards to “…women have to accomplish things in other ways, and we can….”, here is the rest of the story.

What abilities do women use that men don’t have? What are the, um, qualities that give us an advantage over such strength that men possess?

Well, brains for one.
Men are born with attributes that they do not have to think about using. Testosterone, strength, focus, things that are hard wired.

Women have to learn how to use their brains through the fog of fear and adrenaline. It’s doable, it just takes some learning.

Women also have the gift of being female, something men are hard wired to notice and respond to.
I promise to keep this “G” rated…

So we have the ability to get men’s attention, this can play a very important part in accomplishing what we need to accomplish. Ladies, just be sure you get his attention with the right stuff. See the first sentence in paragraph three.

Those women who have some training can work the female angle to their advantage. For that man who is pursing you, and not in a nice way, be the damsel in distress until he lowers his guard. The last thing a man of this type expects is for a woman to actually have an understanding of how to defend herself.

Estrogen has its advantages. It makes us female, a quality most men cannot ignore. With recognition comes the ability to be heard.
We just gotta say the right things, the right way. Not just for ourselves individually, but for our gender.
Brains, ladies. That is our greatest strength.
Granted, looks don’t hurt either.
But that, my friends, is another blog, no so “G” rated….

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone has a happy holiday out there! Mine was fun! I got to spend it with my mom and it was the first of mine being some what alone...

I wish the best for all and a happy new year!!

Monday, December 19, 2005

Testosterone vs Estrogen

I went to a private Dojo tonight to spar. I had a great time and learned so much. I did acquire a few more bruises, but nothing terrible.

There were four women and five men. Two of the women are teenage girls prepping for their black belt test in March. We all took turns with one another and by the end of the night, we had all sparred one another in turn. It was great.

After that, the men squared off and did body work. Which is basically trading body hits, hard body hits.

At one point, I couldn't help myself, I turned to one of my fellow female students and said, "Isn't testosterone amazing?"
And it is, men are so much stronger. All because of the endocrine system and a couple specific hormones. Those hormones hard-wire men and women so differently.

Women have strengths too, just not physical strengths. Watching the guys go at it really drove home the point that if you are female, you do not want to be on the receiving end of one of those hits. We just aren't built for it.
So we have to accomplish things in other ways. The cool thing is we can.

The more I study martial arts, the more I feel I understand why men and women are supposed to be together.

One's strength is the other's weakness, and vice versa.
Yin and Yang.

Very cool.

I Love This Sort of Evidence

I am a choc-a-holic! Here is some of the evidence that I love!

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Update on the New Fish

I really love my new fish. They finally have names. The Black Moor is called Velvet. The two orange and black Orandas are Spike (after the Spike in the gremlins) and the other is Pumpkin. He just reminds me of a pumpkin, what can I say??

There are some hierarchical things that are still being worked out, but everyone is adjusting nicely.

Strange New Thoughts...

This is slightly morbid but for those of you who know me, you'll understand.

Week before last I was really ill. The kind of ill that makes you not quite able to find the phone to call into work. The next day, I wasn't any better and did manage somehow to go to the Dr's and get home.

However, upon arriving home, I laid very willingly on the nice cold floor of my bathroom. Then it occurred to me:

What if I don't get up? How long would it take for someone to miss me or would anyone miss me at all?
I remembered when I signed the lease on my current domicile, I had to fill in blanks as to who was allowed to enter my place upon some horrible travesty that left me, well, dead.

It is strange what thoughts enter one's head when you really are "out of your head" with fever.

As for my health, I was recovering, but then had a little re-occurrence. But I think I am finally on the road to recovery.

The fevered mind is a strange place.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Mom's 71st

Mom's 71st
Originally uploaded by lgmontgomery2005.
Not many 71 year-old grandmothers will climb on an unknown horse (albeit safe!) and go for a bareback ride!! Isn't she great??!

Mom in the arena

Mom in the arena
Originally uploaded by lgmontgomery2005.
As promised, here is one of the pictures of Mom horseback on her 71st birthday!

One more Semester Down!!

Tonight was my final in the Anatomy and Physiology II Class. Yippee!! No more books, at least for a few weeks! I went ahead and took the optional final, I already had an 'A' but curiosity killed the cat. Yes, a demented, sick, masochistic sense of curiosity, but nonetheless, I had to know what the final was going to be like.
It was easy.
So, another class toward my nursing degree down. Now if I can just get in...

Saturday, December 03, 2005


I watched a really fun movie last night. Hitch with Will Smith. It's premise is a "Date Doctor" who specialized in helping men who have met the true love of their lives, get her to notice and subsequently go out with said men.

This is not a movie about getting these men, um, physically sated shall we say. It was refreshingly about really good guys who just were terrified to actually tell this great woman he was crazy about her. I nice movie.

I personally really like Will Smith's acting and there is plenty to die laughing about in this film. Especially an unintentional round house kick to the head, but I'll say no more.

For a fun laugh with a good story, give it a try.


I went to the undergarment drawer this week and found its contents thread-bare, with holes and elastic that was, shall we say, no longer shape-retaining.

Time to go shopping for underthings.

It has been a while since I did this. I go buy bunches and then don't have to think about it for some time.

The choices are limitless! Boy shorts, high-rise, briefs, thong, low-rise, French cut and let's not forget string bikini.
And those weren't all the choices.

I had to get my bearings for a moment before I could even figure out which style to get.
I also wear men's boxers for workout under attire. You go to the men's section and how many choices?
Boxers or briefs.
Just two.
Now the men also have material choices, but as far as style, just two.
So much simpler.