Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

The past week, John and I drove to Washington DC...to settle him in for the next 10 months.
He is on a project and must be on site for the next 10 months. Of course we will be seeing each other monthly at the least, but it will still be quite the adjustment. I am pretty sure Skype is in our future. I don't really have any fears regarding our relationship, nor does he, it is the not having my best friend with me. That is what I am most sad about.

I am thankful he is safe...he is not in Afghanistan..no one is trying to shoot him...so, I count my blessings.
It is just part of life we will have to endure. I will work a great deal, stay busy and get some mountain biking time in. Kate will keep me company too. I feel badly for John as he is removed from his entire environment; friends, dog, home, schedule. I recognize that is really hard.
I am sure all will be well, but it is still going to have OK days and really sucky days.

Hint, Hint.

You ever have the feeling of “I’m forgetting something,” when you are about to leave the house? Yeah, and if you are like me, it is always right.

How is it that the subconscious mind knows something, perceives something is amiss, and yet does not or cannot tell the conscious mind in any other manner than an odd feeling in the pit of your gut? The boundary between the conscious and unconscious minds fascinates me. The subconscious perceives things that the consciousness does not and yet still knows these perceptions are important; this evidenced by those gut feelings we all know and love.

Additionally, if you are like me, when the “you're forgetting something” feeling strikes, you go back in the house, look around and about 60-70% percent of the time figure it out. Then the feeling instantly vanishes. Wow. It is interesting how a subconscious perception can be deemed important enough to notify the consciousness, but it can’t be spelled out. It has to be a “hunch” or “a feeling.” And yet, when the thing or item or event is figured out, the notification evaporates.