Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Kate update

Kate has settled in nicely into our lives. She is a wonderful dog and I am so happy to have her. Her list of "learning experience:"
-broken the front window twice
-has learned to test the electronic collar, when it doesn't beep, she goes over the fence and to John's house.
-discovered my stuffed walrus is NOT hers
-Learned sit, down, shake, speak. Come and stay are in progress and doing well.
-Crate training is not going well.

My hope is that she will be able to be in and out of the house eventually. Right now she has to be outside when I am not home. The window replacement is a pain.

The Prep for Stugis

Our annual driving trip this year is to Sturgis, South Dakota. This is where the largest motorcycle rally is held every year. This year is the 70th anniversary. We both know this will be, um, "outside the box," but life is a buffet, right? Meant to be tasted, watched, smelled, touched and sampled. I can't WAIT for the pictures. John is of course going with full camera gear.

We are hauling the bikes up and then will be riding all over the place. On the "must do" list is Mt Rushmore and general riding in the black hills. I can't wait to see it all. The weather should be ideal, which is important as we are camping. We are currently trying to settle the trailer issue and have a good lead thanks to a good friend. Wish us luck!!