Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Shopping in Earnest

I have officially sold Moose. I delivered him to his new home last night! WooHoo!

The shopping for something different now will be in full swing. I am going to get my final done first, but then I will be shopping to buy.
The list has changed somewhat:
2002-2006 Ducati Monster (620 or 800)
same year of Suzuki SV650

So far, that is what I am mostly interested in. I am just happy to have found a home for Moose! I am sure she will really enjoy learning on him. At 5'10" Moose's height is no issue for her!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

When the Past Creeps in...

I have one more test before nursing school is officially over.
I also have a ridiculous terror of failing it.

It is so irritating when, your normal, confident, "I know I am on the right path," mind set can be unhinged by some stupid bad juju from your childhood.

I have this fear that I will have come this close and have worked this hard, and I will screw it up at the last moment. Man, am I the only weirdo out there?

My logical brain totally gets that this is not going to happen, because I will do all the things I must to be prepared and do well. This brain also knows that failure is not an option, so stop worrying with it.

Then there is the part that stills hears my dad screaming, "You don't have the sense god gave a goose! You'll never amount to anything!!" Thanks dad.

Throughout my life, I believe facing things and dealing with it up front is the only way to go. I believe that as of late now more than ever. Therefore, I thought I would blog for everyone's enjoyment of my state of agitated sympathetic neural response.
Yep, heart rate's up, blood pressure is up, fight or flight is in full gear....
Oh, that is on the next test.....

Food Rationing in the US

A friend alerted me to this article about Food Rationing in the US. With the globe being smitten with a food shortage, retailers are rationing food here to help meet demands elsewhere in the world. So much of our grain stores are being used for "PC" things such as bio-fuels, we are not feeding our body's engine but the engine of our cars. The inefficiency of bio-fuels, we can discuss later. Other crops are at risk as well; wheat did not do well at all last year and prognosis for this year is a little scary what with the weather forecasts.

As a nation, the US has to start putting needs of our planet and our societies at a higher priority than "me, me, me." The US consumes large amounts of resources in comparison to the rest of the planet. At some point, we have to stop.

Where does the overwhelming need to consume come from?
Do our kids really need that many toys?
How is it that having a so much "stuff" has come to replace enjoying life?

I was talking with a nursing student friend about when he and his wife and family of 4 kids were in Virginia for the summer. He said, "We brought clothes and something to drive. That was it, no stuff or nick-knacks. It was so much better." He and I both agree, less is more in so many ways.
De-clutter, remove the things in your life that are causing you strife and practice KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid).
The kissing part can be great too!.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The end is at hand.

I have one more lecture, one more test and one more shift at the hospital. Then it's over. Really, really over.

I almost can't believe it. It is surreal!

Yippee, almost there!


I have several people looking at my bike this week, so wish me luck on re-homing Moose. I will miss him, but not his height. The only think I like really tall is my man!
I have just about decided on my 2nd choice. I have had huge problems giving up the performance aspect of my Ducati. I have been looking at a Ducati Monsters from 2002-2004. These have the umphf I so love and that Ducati sound - oh yeah. Price wise it is a good deal and, wait for it, they are lower!! I will be able to touch the ground, key point. There is a gorgeous 2004 Monster 800 at Full Boar cycles in Richardson. I am liking it more and more. It is the right color too, bright yellow!

My shopping continues, and hopefully, I will be bike-less by the end of this week.
Not for long!!

Friday, April 11, 2008


Life, school and obligations for graduation have really been a pain this semester. I finally got to go to martial arts this past Tuesday. It was so great to get back to it. It is crazy how much you miss causing yourself lots and lots of pain.

As school settles down and graduation comes and goes, martial arts attendance, for me, will hopefully improve. I have been giving lots of thought to my next belt test and have practiced my demo a couple times. I hope it works out well. I also want to get back to the weapons class as sword is definitely something I want to learn - or at least try to learn.

Upcoming events:
  • Graduation May 8th
  • Large party to quickly follow (probably should plan that...)
  • Work for a bit longer at UTSW
  • Start my internship
  • Try to keep up!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Aprilla Shiver

This year there were a few bikes at the auto show. One that I was allllll about was the Aprilla Shiver. 750cc engine, and the naked look that I like, it even seemed like it might be short enough. It was on a rear stand and I could still touch the ground.....At around $9K, not too bad. I might have to test ride those one day!

2008 Auto Show

We went to the Dallas Auto Show this year. My fav's were the Aston Martin DB9 (gorgeous!!), the Audi R8 (ooohh ahhh) and for giggles and economy, the smart car. Obviously, the Porsche is always at the top of the list. So beautiful, so elegant, so fast. Gonna have to own one of those one day...

The new BMW 1 series are great! The convertible was very nice, but I think I liked the coupe even better. With numerous seat adjustments and the BMW comfort, they should be a top seller. It think that is what my friend Jen is getting. Great choice. I also love the M6 and the 6 series of BMW. I am really drawn to the body style.

I still feel as though Subaru has ruined the WRX. The front end is as generic as a Camry and totally unattractive. I will be driving my WRX until it falls apart and is no longer repairable. With Subaru's track record that will be quite a while.

If you like cars, you gotta go to the auto show!


I have my motorcycle on Craig's list hoping to find it a new home. As much as I love it, I want something I can actually touch the ground while straddling. Someone contacted me and we met up for him to have a look. Loved it, and called back later and said he wanted it. So I thought, cool! But, alas, he backed out considering he has been in the US only 4 months and has already bought a house and a car. Understandable!!
I will continue to try and sell it and I know it will happen in good time. I am determined to re-home Moose! Other bikes await me!
This time around I will begin the search by riding as many bikes as I can get near. The dilemma is thus:
I like performance
I want to touch the ground
Shorter performance bikes are really expensive
I don't think cruisers are going to do it for me

Heavy sigh,
I am sure the right thing will come along.