Monday, December 29, 2008

To Write or not?

I have been toying with the idea of writing; letters, short stories, maybe a novel (one day). I have always thought writing would be somewhat "taboo" for me as my writing has always been so poor. That whole failing English twice before I passed it did nothing for my confidence either. This is why I originally began blogging. To learn to better express myself with written word. Well, also to improve my grammar. I have given up on spelling. When you grow up with words like, "growed" and "yellur" (insert yellow), it is easy to understand how writing and speaking properly would be a challenge.

At any rate, I am reading, learning and beginning to amass ideas and story-lines for a would be book. Maybe a short story first....but I am really thinking about it.
I am going to try. I mean really try it out! My chosen genre is a little interesting, but I think it will be an adventure!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

On to the next one...

Well, the housing bid fell through as it had foundation issues and we could not come to an agreement on who pays to fix it.
Heavy sigh...
They won't be able to get rid of it b/c a mortgage co., won't write a note on a house with foundation damage.

Well, there are plenty out there!

Holiday Wish

For this holiday I wish everyone:

Health - for it is priceless and cannot be gifted
Warmth - In the heart, in the home and in the house!
Friendship - A blessing we just seem to miss the importance of until you find an old friend..or a new one!
Love - It adds such meaning to life and those who possess it unconditionally for those around them
Contentment - Contentment in what you have, where you are, and where you want to head to
The capacity to learn - it sure beats the hell out of re-inventing the wheel and it is a lot less painful

Happy holidays!!

Haivng a cold blows!

It does it blows! All the time...You blow your nose and then you blow your nose again....
It blows!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Housing continued...

I bid on a house today. A foreclosure, a great deal and it will make perfect rental property when I move on. At just shy of 1200 sqft, it is the perfect size for me! I will know if all goes well and the offer is accepted in a few days. The price is so great, even with all taxes, insurance and mortgage, it will be more than $200 less than my rent.

My Realtor states that 1 in 10 homes will foreclose in 2009. That's the estimate.
Very scary...
However, a feeding frenzy for investors.

At any rate, this will begin my real estate investing. My goal would be to purchase one more before the end of 2009.
We will see....

I am scared, excited, cautious and curious. What will I learn next?? I have wanted to do this for a very long time and have spent quite a lot of energy getting ready to do this.

Well, here I go!

Friday, December 05, 2008

If Alzheimer's had form...

I wish Alzheimer's had physical form,
Then I could smash it and hit it with large sticks,
Tar and feather,
Draw and quarter,
I could lash it to a large, wild beast,
so that it would be swept away with the beast's wild running.
I could incinerate it,
scatter the ashes far and wide,
there by disseminating its evil far, far away
into minuscule pieces,
no longer dangerous to anything or anyone.
I could jump up and down on it with both feet.
Squashing it flat,
stomping it to bits.
I could make it go away, release my anger and free my mom from its vicious grasp.
If only Alzheimer's were corporeal.
These are all things things I could do.

Monday, December 01, 2008

No Warm and Fuzzy

I have found that my house feels a little, well, lonely. I am really starting to miss not having a pet. My fish are great, but there is no warm and fuzzy with the little guys. I don't think I will be getting a pet until I am in a house as opposed to an apartment, but I still miss a pet at home.

Until I move into a house, I will have to visit my BF's kitty's. They are a very good substitute!!

Pets bring so much to our lives. Yes, some of what they bring includes hair, occasional vomit or "accidents" but little trouble in comparison to the joy and love they give unconditionally.


I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays with friends and family. Although I have never been crazy about this time of year, I am having fun relaxing and working. I do love the weather this time of the year brings. The cool is excellent for camping and one of my favorites...skiing and snowboarding! We will be going again in January for my fourth year in a row.

As for the working part, I work all the holidays this year. Yes, this time around it is by choice, but it will make for a really nice paycheck! My family hasn't celebrated holidays on the actually day in many years, so it is really a non-issue. So far it is proving to be a quiet, easy going holiday season.

I have done almost all of my shopping on line and shipped the gifts. The others I have made. Some of the home made ones were food, others were sewn things. Definitely the way to go.

I hope everyone is happy, well, and enjoying life!
Happy Holidays!