Tuesday, February 26, 2008

It's Official

It is official, I accepted an internship with Presbyterian Dallas in the Neuro ICU. It starts in June, and is 16wks long, and the major bonus is it is a day shift! I am sure I will learn a great deal and all will go well. That is one major thing off my list!

That was one goal I had wanted to accomplish; have a job lined up by March. It is a load off knowing where I will go. So far, one other nursing student friend is going there as well. Two more are scheduled to interview. We will see.

I can't wait for this to be over, to have an adult life again. It is really starting to drag. Just a few more weeks!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

And so it begins....

I am not even half way through the semester and already the job interviews are looming. I have had one for a large hospital in the area (thank god it is NOT down town) for the neuro ICU. They did offer the position, but I have a second interview for the ER at the same hospital tomorrow.

I will have a job by Friday. It is a great feeling knowing that in February, 3 months before I graduate, I don't have to worry about having a job. If the ER (ED in more "current" terms - Emergency Department) offers, I then have to take a long hard look at me and decide which is better for my personality. I don't think either would be wrong, but I want to really give that some thought.

Of course the panic has set in as well. Holy S@@!!@@T, people will expect ME to answer their questions and possibly prevent them or their family from dying.....

Christy said the 4th semester panic is normal and that it will pass. Once in the internship, I will be too busy and overwhelmed to worry...

wish me luck!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Give your sweetie a hug, kiss and something extra!
Get naked!!
If you are sweetie-less, be happy with you!
Otherwise, sweetie may not be the adjective with which you describe the person you are with!

Have a happy day!
It is your actions, not what you buy, that makes the gift.

If I can make it through February...

My group finished our nursing project and presented it today! So much prep and it is finally done! I really must say, I think our group did the best of the 4 that presented today. We were organized, polished and everyone laughed and interacted so well in the discussion. Yeah!

Today reminded me that public speaking is something most people just don't do. It is very hard to get up in front of people and not read the power point. I have done so much presenting in science that I had forgotten how upsetting it is to most people to perform a presentation. Our talk was on delegation to the licensed personnel. A topic that is vague in its coverage in the board of nursing's guide lines.

All we have left to do is post to our online groups for final points. Oh, and that has to be done tonight along with the HW due tomorrow, and I have to take care of my mother's medications and fill out her application for a new residence, oh and at least say "hi" to my man. Whew....

By the end of February, the majority of crap, er, school "hoops" will have been jumped through.
Can't wait!!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

I am What Size?

I have interviews starting up this week. Having worked in a lab for 12 years, I obviously don't have anything that would be appropriate for an interview. No, most of my clothes have stains on them, bleach marks and are so frayed, they tickle my feet.

Consequently, I don't know how to shop, nor do I enjoy it at all.

In steps KP, the personal shopper who has also shopped with Jen. It is frightening how much help I needed.

Shopping with KP is quite the eduction and I am in her debt for a really long time. I see lots of sushi dinners in her future!

At any rate, success was had, we found a suite that is great, fantastic shoes ( I love shoes), and I learned that my sizing is "petite." Never would have guessed that considering the size of my, um, posterior, but nursing school will be over soon and the excess posterior will go away. Petite refers to my short appendages.