Monday, November 30, 2009

Who Controls You?

This seems a stupid question... You may think, "I decide things!"
But, in fact, do you?

One of the things I have tried to do, and is so very hard to do, is to make my behavior mine and only mine.
It is not contingent on what I get in return, who does or does not do something for me or who is or is not rude to me.

I want to chose my own behavior regardless of others' actions toward me. I strive to be the person I want to be every day, even if others are not nice to me.

Therefore, I ask again, who controls you?

Do you let rude or mean people alter your behavior?
Are you still carrying baggage around from some previous encounter?
When you see someone does that person's past behavior still affect you in some way?

When you allow someone else's anger, hostility, or negativity alter your own behavior, you are allowing them some level of control over you.

Resist!! It is not futile....

It is very, very hard to pull off all the time.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pictures soon...House remodel!

I have done the following to my house:

  • Changed out kitchen counter tops from vintage 1962 to oak butcher block
  • The above required installing a new sink and newer gas stove (as opposed to electric - how can you cook on electric??? Food requires fire!! But I diverge...)
  • Sanded and painted the kitchen cabinets
  • Changed out the hardware on said cabinets
  • Painted the vent -a-hood
  • Installed new bath vanities
  • Reseated both toilets
  • Redone the flooring in both baths
Totally love it! I am assembling the pics as I have been taking before and afters...

Oh! We mustn't forget the GYNORMOUS hole in the backyard that facilitated the city's cleaning out the blockage in the sewer main that forced the faster-than-planned bathroom remodels....

Still have to install the access to the main before I cover it back up....

A Few More Additional Things...

Yes, I stand corrected....

Duct Tape should be added to the "What everyone (woman) should have and know how to

Cable Ties
Teflon tape - used to connect plumbing so it does not leak!

Thanks for the correction!

The Month to Reflect

Ah, tis' the month of Thanksgiving!! What are you thankful for? A quick few thoughts on what I am thankful for:
  1. Health - You can't buy it and it is a gift
  2. John
  3. Love - Love of friends, love of family
  4. The ability to learn from my mistakes so that I don't repeat them
  5. The freedom this country offers
  6. My attitude
  7. The fact I really love my job
  8. The fact that I really love my life
  9. Being able to persevere
  10. Being happy with what I have
Give it some thought...what are your really, really glad you have?

Tools every woman should own...And know how to use!

This a list of tools, a basic set, that everyone, especially a woman should own and know how to use:
  1. Hammer
  2. Level
  3. Drill with accompanying drill bits and phillips and flat -head attachment
  4. Tape Measure - good one
  5. Carpet knife
  6. Ratcheting screw driver - these usually come with interchangeable heads for different sizes and flat vs phillips head. A must have.
  7. Picture hanging set - they sell little sets so you can hang your art work/pictures!
  8. Pliers
  9. Channel locks - these are the long-handled pliers with adjustable bite
And last but not least....a desire to get dirty and feel great about your accomplishment!!