Wednesday, October 31, 2007

More Answers From Nature

I get so excited about finding answers to biological and technical questions right in our own backyard--literally.
Here is an article on slash dot about the use of capsaicin for pain control. Yes, that's right, when you bite that pepper and your tongue goes numb, there is a medical use for that.
Who woulda thunk it?

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Moose Can Bite!

This is what your leg looks like when you fall over in the drive way and your motorcycle of 410 lbs slides down your leg. The drive way is on an angle and by the time the foot got to the ground it was too late. This was the final straw on admitting my bike is just too damn tall no matter how much I love it. I am shopping for something shorter. This was at a standstill too and this pic is a week old.

Oh, and feel free to see my add on Craig's list!
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Happy Birthday Jen!!!

Happy Birthday to one of my bestest friends!!

Hope your day is great!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Technology Moves Forward Again

Apparently we an now make chromosomes to order. The Chicago Tribune published an article about researchers at Chromatin Inc., making chromosomes artificially for corn.

These mini chromosomes seem to be accepted by the corn's genetic machinery and are passed on like the natural chromosomes.
What will we engineer next?

Monday, October 15, 2007

Nature, Nurture or Technology

I have almost finished my Pediatric rotation. I am now intimately familiar with the horrific things that can go wrong with little ones. It is amazing what our technology can fix, prolong or just sustain.

This begs the question: Is our technology ahead of our humanity? should some of these kids really be here?

I realize this is as charged a subject matter as possible, but I have to ask; should we be saving all of these kids?

When a child is born at 24 weeks gestation and has to be measured in grams, can't breathe, and will never be able to breathe correctly, or develop mentally normally; should we be saving this child?

On the flip side, whose choice is it? Most of the time, these parents are not able to financially suport these high needs kiddos. If the parent is willing and able, who is to tell them no, they cannot save their child?

There are no real answers, but I think the day will come where we will have to answer this question: Who do we save? And why?

Some questions are very difficult indeed.

Friday, October 12, 2007


I have started to have many thoughts on horses. It has been several years now since I have ridden. Certain circumstances surrounding the sale of my last horse, Silvey, left me without the energy or desire to pursue my four-legged, velvet-muzzled friends.

I have started looking at pictures again and thinking it would be nice to go for a little ride. Just a little one. I miss riding terribly and I miss horses - their smell, their fuzzy noses and their way of just being with you.

Of course I still have friends that ride and have horses, so I could go out and ride. I guess I will when I am ready.
In the mean time, I can hear them trotting in my head, hear their breath puff in time with their stride and hear the clomp-clomp-clomp of their hooves down the barn alley.

Eventually, I guess I go riding some again.

The Leader Who Chooses Not To Lead

With the impending elections coming up in 2008, our choices, in my humble opinion, are not awe inspiring.

Although I would not wish the presidency on anyone, I wish Al gore would run. With his award of the Nobel prize in peace, what better person to step forward and at least make the right steps to correct the fiasco that has been the War in Iraq. Just think, a leader who is a visionary, interested in the health and preservation of our earth, a leader who is a diplomat and yet strong willed and also well respected by our global counterparts, such a concept.

We have so much to repair as far as our image and the damaged respect in the eyes of so many nations.

We have a serious problem with climate change. My career is in science, and I have to tell everyone, the current administration is as friendly as a rabid dog to the world of science.

How do we expect to step forward in the years to come as a nation, as a people, as a world, without research and education not to mention a safe, healthy place to live?

I have always said, the people who should be leading this country are the ones who won't stomach the environment.

Just once, can't the person who is poised to make a true impact step up to the plate?
Al Gore, if you ever read this, please run for president in 2008. I would like to believe we would re-elect you.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Done with Italy

Sadly, I am choosing to sell my motorcycle to buy a different one. I have not made any decisions on what to buy, but I am sure I will figure that out in the near future.

I am done with Italy. I am done with waiting a friggin year (9 days) for something simple like an air filter.

The top of the list of qualifications for the new bike will be that it is shorter than my current bike. It really is too tall. There are all kinds of things I love about it, but I am tired of waiting for parts and I am tired of having to be ever-vigilant about where my feet will be landing.

So far, here are some bikes I will be looking at:

Triumph Daytona 600
Honda VFR 675(I think?)
Suzuki SV 650

It is a hard thing to pick out. I like the up-right seating position of my Multistrada. However, I am not a cruiser person. I like it sporty. The Honda CBR's are too tall. I like the narrow feel of my MS as I don't feel like there is this huge tank I have to reach around. I want something light weight as possible. A Triumph Bonneville has been suggested but it weighs 465lbs and I just don't like the look of it. I like the BMW's but wow the $$$$ and most of them are WAY too tall. Some of them I can't even reach the ground.

It looks like there is lots of shopping in my future. I have a check list of things to look for and of course, I have to sell my bike. Even though I will take a hit on it since it isn't mint, I don't care. It is time to get rid of it. I need a different horse in the stable!!

No Move for YOU!!

Considering I make almost nothing right now, I did not get the go-through on the condo financing despite my original pre-approval. It is possible the current mortgage/lending environment had something to do with it.

I am actually fine with it. My devout belief in "things happen for a reason" leads me to believe it was just not the right time. Timing is everything you know.

Now that I won't be moving, I have to re-think some things and have talked things over with some people and now know what to do. I will stay with friends that I have stayed with before and help them finish out the remodel on their home. I really like the whole remodel thing. My friends seem to be quite excited about my staying there again and I know if the past two years is any indication, 8 months will scream by. At the end of it all, I will have an RN, have a career I can do anything with and go anywhere as well. I think things will be in a much better situation for buying when I graduate.

I'm excited. What's not to be excited about? It is just another path in the journey of life. I like my life!

I am strangely relieved on the condo thing. I feel good about it in the second brain that is my gut.