Monday, February 15, 2010

Our trials can be others' gifts.

I have a friend who is battling cancer for the second time. She has a wonderful husband and two small boys. It is just unthinkable that she would be battling this AGAIN at such a young age and at the prime of her life.

Her attitude and the support of her family speak volumes of who she is and what we should all aspire to become. I can only imagine what this type a struggle is like, but I know from watching her progress and reading her posts, I am thankful for her healing and her heart.

That's how I think it goes sometimes. One person's struggle can teach you so much. Simple because you root for them so intensely. I want nothing more than for her to be healthy, cancer free and watch her two young boys graduate college and have kids of their own one day for her to spoil.

Just knowing I feel that for her, makes me realize how much her battle has taught me. How much it has taught me to be thankful people like her are in this world.
And I want her to stay.
A really long time.\
Go Debbie!!

Kate and John snuggling!

Kate snuggled right up to John, melting into his lap and being oh so comfortable! She is starting to respond to her name and doing pretty well. We have a few challenges, but she will be all worth it!

Meet Kate!

Here is Kate! I adopted her on Sunday! She is settling in well and very smart!