Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What if?

I am captivated by a TV series called Jeremiah, and for those of you who know me, you will comprehend what a feat it is for ANY TV show to capture my attention. This series focuses on a world after the "Big D" or a big death from a virus that killed everyone over the age of puberty. It is really interesting in its depiction of what people and society (if that is what one could call it) would become. As the story progresses, it is clear another faction of people are coming together to 'make' a world they way they want it. Conflict arises. It begs the question, what would become of "civilized society" if some catastrophe were to occur?

 The current rage "The Hunger Games" addresses a similar idea with a slightly different setting. The outcome is not so pretty. We, as a society, seem quite interested in the "what If?" scenario post horrific event. One would like to believe altruism and kindness would prevail, but I am not so sure. For reference, I think of feudal Japan, the era of the Samurai; defend what's yours lest someone take it from you... by force. This type of existence lends a whole new level of threat to women, which could be another post, entirely.

 What new 'rules' would evolve? How would our species (yes, Homo sapiens) handle no medicine, no running water, having to hunt, kill, preserve and farm for survival? We, as a society, are so far removed from this knowledge and ability, the vast majority of us would starve to death, die of infection or simply fall to depression of being utterly overwhelmed. The thought of such a different world pushes me to continuing a path of self reliance. As personal responsibility becomes more and more out of fashion, the magnitude of societal collapse in the face of even a small interruption of our modern society, grows to a devastating level. How would nature strike balance into such a heavy-sided scale?

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